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Keywords: obstacle, translation, fable


This paper entitled The Obstacles in Translating The Two Goats Done by BIPA Students of La Denpasar is mainly aimed at investigating how the translation of a fable entitled The Two Goats is done by BIPA (Indonesian for Non-Native Speaker) students, the factors led the obstacle done by the students, and the translation technique used by the student in translating the fable. The data focused on the translation of The Two Goats from English to Indonesian done by ten students of BIPA at La Denpasar BIPA School. The method of collecting the data in this research is direct observation method. The English version of The Two Goats and its translation into Indonesian done by BIPA students are read. Then, the sentences that represent the obstacle in translating the fable are chosen. After the data collected, they are analyzed. The data analyzed is the results of the research. There are some theories used in analyzing the data, those are the the theory of translation is proposed by Nida (2000),  the theory for analyzing the factors lead the interference is proposed by Grosjean (1982), and the theory of translation technique is proposed by Molina ad Albir (2002).  How is The Two Goats translated into Indonesian by BIPA students? The answer can be read in the full paper.


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