• Dewi Bunga Fakultas Hukum Dharma Duta IHDN Denpasar
Keywords: GBHN, People's Consultative Assembly, Pancasila


After the amendment of the Constitution of Republic of Indonesia of 1945, the People's Consultative Assembly no longer drew up the National Guidelines (GBHN). This condition causes the organization of the country to be without direction. Faced with these problems, then came the idea to restore the authority of the People's Consultative Assembly in preparing the GBHN. The compilation of this GBHN is a mandate of the fourth principle of Pancasila. Pancasila itself is the foundation and ideology of the country that became the guideline in the implementation of the life of nation and state. The systematics and contents that should be contained in country policy documents consist of general development directives. These guidelines will be the source of the vision and mission of the president. Substances that need to be regulated in the national development plan cover all areas of the legal, political, economic, social and cultural fields, human resources, natural resources and environment, education, defense and security, and religion. GBHN needs to be formulated in the People's Consultative Assembly of Republic of Indonesia Decree.


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